Z & S Photography | About
The picture says it all of why we started our photography. It became an opportunity to capture precious moments with our daughter Israel and as time went on Steph (my wife) and I (Zach) began enjoying it. I brokered a deal with my Steph that she would be my partner in photography if I would do ball room dancing lessons with her. When you have our photo shoot don't forget to remind Steph that she is owed that.

We started a business because we wanted to provide excellent photography at a reasonable price. We photograph babies, families, weddings and other special events.

Our goal is not just taking posed photographs, but also capturing life in interactions. We would consider ourselves "lifestyle" natural-light photographers. Many of the pictures we take are not of just people, but they tell a story. We do not have a studio, but we have done indoor photo shoots before. We want to accommodate our clients and set the shoot in the best possible setting.

About us:

Husband and Dad of two little girls (Israel and Arielle)
Full Time Vocation: Minister in local congregation
Part Time Vocation: Military chaplain in Army National Guard and photographer
Education: Masters and Bachelors degrees
Interests: Studying theology, playing with my girls, anything Disney, and loving my wonderful wife.

Wife and Mom of two girls :)
Full Time Vocation: Stay at home mom
Part Time Vocation: Registered Nurse and Photographer
Education: Associates in Registered Nursing
Interests: Reading, planning trips (and of course going on them), anything Disney, the girls, and loving her wonderful Husband (Zach typed this).